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AnySignage Training

Learn AnySignage using our interactive & simplified training program.

New User Training

Learn basic information on how to access the AnySignage and what are neccessary actions to take after first login.

Connect Android Player to the AnySignage CMS

A quick guide on how to connect the Android player to the AnySignage CMS.

Display Group Management

AnySignage offers an easy way to manage large number of screens.

Make simple slide show layout

Start with simple slide show contents.

Layout Designer

Layout designer is important part of AnySignage CMS, learn to to use this tool to design the layouts.

Scheduling Contents

Learn how to schedule contents using AnySignage CMS.

Folder Management

Folders are used within AnySignage CMS to provide an easy way to manage contents, displays and layouts.

AnySignage is Cloud based Digital Signage platform to power up any screen. It supports players running on Android & Windows operating systems, AnySignage is also compatible with professional digital signage displays running LG webOS or Samsung TIZEN without any external player.

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