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AnySignage 4 is now officially available

We are happy to announce the general availability of AnySignage version 4.

Content Creators need simple, intuitive and effective tools to build impactful content quickly. Developers need powerful tools that work with them not against them, and the peace of mind that comes from running on the latest secure architecture. AnySignage v4 delivers the experiences you’ve been waiting for.

Simple Scheduling

Scheduling your content has been simplified!

Media Scheduling

  • Upload and schedule media quickly! Media Scheduling has been made simpler with fewer interactions required for adding images, videos and playlists.
  • Easily visualise and understand your content schedule using a simple grid (list) format.
  • The simple grid of scheduled events can be filtered, paged and sorted and you can easily see and manage events across multiple displays and event types.

Intuitive Content Creation

With a fresh look and new suite of editing tools, the Layout Editor in AnySignage v4 makes content creation and the editing of layouts quick, simple and intuitive.

Flexible Elements

  • Create beautiful, engaging layouts without the need for a third party tool. Flexible drag and drop elements with snap to grid for easy positioning, and real-time resizing, gives you pixel perfect control over your layout.
  • Design your own data visualisations by placing Elements exactly where you want, allowing AnySignage to automatically handle paging.
  • Use our ready made Stencils to create a pre-designed group of Elements and adapt them to suit your style and needs.


Impactful Synchronisation

  • Create visually impactful display installations using synchronised content.
  • Play synchronised content across two or more displays in a mirrored or video wall configuration.
  • Easily create a schedule for a Sync Group which determines whether the group shows mirrored or wall content
  • Mirrored Sync Group: Show the same content across multiple displays
  • Wall Sync Group: Show different parts of a whole layout / playlist across multiple displays

AnySignage for Philips Professional Displays

AnySignage for Philips Professional Displays

Last update: March 2022

Philips have a broad range of signage solutions, many of which are compatible with the AnySignage for Android Player. To help those looking for a System on Chip (SoC) solution on Android we have listed the models that meet the requirements for AnySignage.

List of supported LG displays running webOS

List of supported LG displays running webOS

Last update: October 2021

LG has three series of displays running webOS, those are Commercial, Hospitality and Signage series, the underlying API is different between them, only the Signage series running webOS 3.0 or higher is compatible with AnySignage for webOS player.

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AnySignage is Cloud based Digital Signage platform to power up any screen. It supports players running on Android & Windows operating systems, AnySignage is also compatible with professional digital signage displays running LG webOS or Samsung TIZEN without any external player.

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