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List of supported Samsung displays running on TIZEN

List of supported Samsung displays running on TIZEN

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Last update: May 2023

AnySignage offers native player to be run on Samsung displays using Tizen SoC. Supported on Samsung signage monitors running SSSP5 or newer. The Player includes features the other AnySignage Player offer, but without the need for external player.

Please note that some screen sizes are only available in selected countries. Please contact Samsung for more information on the options available in your region..
This list keeps updating as we release new version.



Supported Monitors

All listed monitors with a ✓ symbol have been officially tested. Any models without this symbol are expected to work as they contain the same chipset as the listed models.



  • 13/24/43/49/50/55/65/75/85/98 QBR
  • 32/43/49/50/55/65/75/85 QMR
  • 37 SHR - Please note that this model supports landscape orientation only.
  • 43/49/55/65/75 QBN
  • 43/49/50/55/65/75 QHR
  • 43/49/55/65/75/85/98 QMN
  • 46 VMR-U
  • 46/55 OMN/OMN-D
  • 55 OHA
  • 82 QEN
  • 85 OHN/OHN-D/OHN-S
  • 98 QBT
  • 98 QMT

Signage Player Box

Interactive Displays

Please note that interactive actions are supported in AnySignage for Tizen version 300 and newer.



These models are supported in R207/R301 or newer.

  • 43/50/55/65/75 QBB
  • 43/50/55/65/75 QHB
  • 43/50/55/65/75 QMB
  • 24/46 OHB


If you would like to try an unlisted model, or have already tried a listed model that has not been officially tested, please contact the support to let us know.

AnySignage is Cloud based Digital Signage platform to power up any screen. It supports players running on Android & Windows operating systems, AnySignage is also compatible with professional digital signage displays running LG webOS or Samsung TIZEN without any external player.

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