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Minimum Requirements for Android player

Minimum Requirements for Android player

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Last Update: August 2021

AnySignage Android player is hardware agnostic however the numbaer of hardware manufacturer is more than what we can verify smooth operation on every hardware.

As a minimum, Android 5.1 for AnySignage for Android 3.0, but we strongly recommend running on Android 7.0 or later.

We make every effort to work with the majority of Android devices available on the market, however there are a small number of lower end devices available currently which change their MAC address on each power on. We cannot guarantee the correct operation of AnySignage for Android on these devices. MAC addresses are supposed to be globally unique and fixed at production time by the manufacturer, and so them resetting at each power on is a fault in the device in our view.

Device identifiers known to exhibit this behaviour include “rockchip HX_3229”, although the issue is likely firmware dependent.

None of our recommended devices exhibit this behaviour.

AnySignage is Cloud based Digital Signage platform to power up any screen. It supports players running on Android & Windows operating systems, AnySignage is also compatible with professional digital signage displays running LG webOS or Samsung TIZEN without any external player.

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