AnySignage Features

AnySignage comes with all features and functionalities required to power up your digital signage network.

Focus on your content development and manage the display network using AnySignage.

AnySignage Digital Signage Features

Content & Media

Media formats supported
AnySignage Wide range of media formats, besides the media
  • Image
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Text
  • HTML
  • PDF
  • Flash
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (on Windows player only)
  • HLS Streams
  • RTSP Streams (on Android only)

Besides the media which user upload to the the AnySignage, the platform has widgets which enable the digital signage network to display dynamic data and live contents from other resources
  • Clock
  • Countdown
  • Calendar (iCal)
  • Dataset (Built-in table like Excel)
  • Twitter
  • Weather forecast
  • RSS/Atom contents
Layout Designer
AnySignage layout designer provide an easy to use visual dashboard to design your screen layout.
  • Unlimited layout design
  • Set background image for layout
  • Define regions for your layout
  • Assign media, widget to layout
  • Set expiry date for contents
  • Set in/out transitions
  • Preview the layout
Campaign Management
There are cases which digital signage network requires to display different layouts based on project needs. AnySignage allows to have multiple Layouts to be grouped as a campaign and administrator schedule the campaign on display.
Display order can be set to control the sequence of layouts playback on your campaign.
Media Library
Media library is your content repository for all uploaded media

  • Manage uploaded media (upload/update/delete)
  • Manage playlists (reusable list of contents which can be assigned to regions and layouts)
  • Manage Datasets (Dataset is tabular data storage in AnySignage)
  • Library Tidy (to clean up the storage from any unused materials)


Manage Campaign/Layout schedule for displays
The scheduling calendar allows the digital signage administrator to set the schedule of contents (Layout or Campaign) on individual display or group of displays.
Scheduling allows advance programming to define the upcoming events/campaigns to be scheduled and displays download the content upon scheduling to be ready for playback at the right time.

Define Dayparting

AnySignage has been used for many industry including food and beverage, dayparting is interesting feature which allows to define specific segments on days with possibility to set exception conditions.

This feature is great option to schedule layout/campaign playback for specific time (like breakfast menu, happy hours, etc).

Priority Events
Scheduling content had be triggered with high priority tag to override the standard schedule. This is an option to temporary stop all pre-scheduled layouts/campaigns and broadcast an emergency content.
Location based scheduling
Physical coordination of players as part of player setting (Latitude, Longitude), having the player with this information allows the digital signage administrator to define the content using Geo Location area.
Administrator will define the boundary of area on the map and the system will assign the content to the players within this area.

Display & Player Management

Display Management

An important part of AnySignage is the Display management, our powerful CMS allows the administrator to manage and monitor displays from loud dashboard.

  • Get overview of display system status (total storage, available storage)
  • Communication of display with AnySignage (heartbeat, last communication, IP)
  • Send command to display
  • Request screenshot and view the screenshot retrieved from display
  • Check layout assigned to display
  • Get detailed report from Display status (pending downloads, bandwidth usage, library, errors)
  • Assign the profile to players
Display Profile Management

Major setting of displays defined as Display Profile and we can assign the pre-defined profiles to displays based on requirements.

Here is list of setting under profile:

  • Display resolution and playback area
  • Operating hours
  • Download time frame (daily window that display download contents from server)
  • Collect interval setting to manage how frequently display check the server
  • Setting display orientation (for Android players)

Display Group

Often many of displays in digital signage network required to display same content, AnySignage display group allows to set groups of displays and assign layout/campaigns to group of displays.

User Management

User Management
AnySignage allows the administrator to add unlimited number of users to the account. User management dashboard allows:
  • Add/remove Users
  • Set library quota for user
  • Assign the profile to user
User Groups

AnySignage has been built with having hierarchy features. User group setting allows administrator to define different level of users with allocated permissions and access to the platform features.

Members of group can easily updated and change the user profile from one to another group.


AnySignage provide detailed reporting which is required for most advertising companies, it is also a great method to understand about the display status over a period of time

  • Display reports: Bandwidth usage, connectivity report
  • Proof of Play report (Export, Detailed and chart)
  • Library usage report


Having a health digital signage requires constant and proactively monitoring of displays. AnySignage is well equipped with tools to make sure network administrator has good visibility of the display's status.
Display Status Monitoring

Displays monitors closely and the AnySignage dashboard provides latest status on Display dashboard

  • Monitor storage of display
  • Monitor communication and connectivity history
  • Monitor the bandwidth usage of display
  • Monitor any error reported to the CMS by AnySignage player software
  • Get screenshot from player to verify content playback remotely
  • Email alert
Detailed Display status report

AnySignage provides detailed status of player with critical information requires for monitoring

  • Check number of downloaded and pending to download contents for display
  • Check size of downloaded and pending to download contents for display
  • Check errors (if any)
  • Check assigned layouts/campaigns
  • Check media and widgets assigned to display
  • Check breakdown of bandwidth usage